oliver kaufmann

Psychotherapeutic Practice Mag. Oliver Kaufmann

sincere - mindful - understanding - supportive - competent


Are you in a stressful situation and looking for psychotherapeutic support?

  • Fear and sadness determine your life?
  • Persistent relationship problems take away your zest for life?

  • A dependency takes up too much of your existence?

  • You are suffering from a traumatic experience?

  • Coping with a loss one?



You would like to:

  • experience more joy again.
  • have fulfilling relationships.
  • feel free and alive.
  • find the way out of a stressful state.
  • get to know yourself and develop.



"Knowing that change is possible and the desire to make changes,

these are two major first steps."(Virgina Satir)

Within these first steps, I am here to accompany you with empathy.


My expanded background is supported from a wide range of life experience and expertise from my internship at a Vienna psychiatric hospital and my many years of work in a psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic.

Mag. Oliver Kaufmann